Octopus and Crow

A drama on the beach, inspired by a traditional S'Klalam story of fair warnings, ignored. The outer border of this piece is dark Kelp seaweed painted as if growing up out of the corners. The brighter green border is a mixture of painted seaweed and a tangle of various yarns, representing the high water line on the beach. The mixed media sculpture in the middle is built up on a round mirror to represent the creeping tide water. Tiny pebbles and water-worn stones are the beach, where the octopus is stalking the Crow. In the story, she gives him many clear warnings of her approach, but in his arrogance he ignores them all until it is too late. The Octopus is copper colored vinyl, mottled with camouflage spots. The suckers are buttons. She has glass eyes. The crow is a more two dimensional, low relief sculpture.