Gearing up for the Banquet and Events Tradeshow

On September 27th, at the Washington State Convention Center, and concurrent with the Meeting and Event Planning Industry Summit conference, I will join the community of venues, suppliers and decorators to exhibit my NW Native style painted tablecloth and centerpiece and banquet sculpture collection. I hope to catch the eye of planners seeking a northwest cultural experience which dovetails with the meal service of an already tightly scheduled conference.  Culture Happens!

Beautiful season

At the Northwest Event show, it was so wonderful to see again the planners I have worked with in the past. I met new folks who delighted in learning what I had to offer. Those who were planning travel groups to this country from the middle east, large family reunions, and a wedding planner who taught me about the importance of the 'Pinterest' website for promoting to folks with special interests. I will check it out.

My friend and 'cultural cohort' Janice Lonergan turned out for the show, Her dance group will often be a part of my presentations in the future.