Recent installations

2012: Clients so far include Muckleshoot Tribe, Nooksack Tribe, Washington State Indian Education Association, Western Washington Native Education Consortium, ONABEN conference native business network in Portland, Auburn School District, Fife School District, Puyallup School District, White River Shcool District.

2011:  WWNAEC, WSIEA, Futurewise Gala, Auburn School District Native graduation dinner, Tsimsian Potlatch decor. Future of Salmon conference hosted by Columbia River Inter Tribal Fish Commission20 speakers awards.

2010  Washington Nature Conservancy 50 Year Anniversary Gala:  November 31 painted tablecloths with Northwest Coast native rainforest theme. 

Washington State Arts Alliance:  dinner theater collection was decor for retiring State Legislator Lynn Kessler.

April: decor for the United Indians of All Tribes 40 year anniversary at Daybreak Star, Seattle. 

2009  Columbia Basin Fish Accords, Treaty Day Celebration making petroglyph style commemorative plates gifted to the leadership of the Sixty five tribes who signed the treaty.

Washington State Indian Education Association conference: felt painting workshop.

Pottery and event decor for 2 private invitation Potlatches, and 2 memorial ceremonies.

 Muckleshoot Tribal Chairwoman, commissioned event decor for the Pentacostal Church of Auburn for a Mother's Day celebration, and Father's Day, concurrent with their annual Pow wow event.

United Indians of All Tribes, art installation for the Daybreak Star pow wow, and I curated entries for exhibit and demonstrations their invitational art show for their Sacred Circle Gallery.

2008 Installation of event decor for the Western Washington Native  Education Association Consortium, at their reception during National Indian Education Association in the Washington State  Convention Center. I have done numerous guest art teaching assignments with the member programs of the WWNAIEC. The NW Ravens dancers ordered painted regalia for 10.

2007  Seattle Center commissioned eighteen large scale banners for the Newcomers Festival, displayed again in their Harrison Street Gallery in several subsequent years.

February 2006, Following the world wide media coverage of the grand opening of the National Museum of the American Indian, the State of Washington Department of Tourism hosted a Travel Writer’s Media Blitz event at the New York Museum of Art and Design. Travel writers from publications all down the eastern seaboard and Texas were there. At their request, I sent an installation of pottery and painted felt tablecloths to give an overall NW native tone to the presentation at the media market place and for the writer’s luncheon. Performer Gene Tagaban provided native entertainment and commentary. This was to encourage the writers to cover stories about tourism in Indian country in Washington.

April 2006, at the Seattle Museum of History and Industry, I produced a 100 seat dinner theater fundraiser for the Duwamish Tribe of Seattle with underwriting by the Social Justice Fund and Potlatch Fund (Justin Finkbonner). We featured the tremendous performing talent of Gene Tagaban, and painted tablecloths and custom dinnerware and coastal village set paintings. At this event there were state and Seattle city officials who spoke proclamations officially rescinding the laws banning the Duwamish people from the city. It was a deeply moving step in their thirty-year struggle for federal recognition. Respect happened

2005, 2006, 2007 For the Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission (CRITFC), a political block of the tribes bordering the Columbia River in Washington and Oregon, commissioned me to make the sculptural awards for the Wy Kan Ush Pum Gala. At this event, which is done as a gala art auction, the seven pieces of sculpture one cannot buy; are by my hand. They are presented to honor the individuals who have rendered distinguished service for the purpose of restoring Salmon to the Columbia River watershed. In 2007, every table also had my textile and /or clay center pieces which were auctioned off to support the salmon theme of the event.

May 2005, Funded by the Ford Foundation working with Tina Kukkahn at the Evergreen State College Longhouse in Olympia, I produced a full on Dinner Theater event. We showcased four native storytellers in a whole room art installation including 125 place settings of functional dinnerware, painted tablecloths, set paintings and sculpture, all illustrating traditional stories. Formal protocol was observed in welcoming the esteemed representatives of the Ford funding cohorts who are national native heritage organizations in attendance at the conference, also the local dignitaries of the 13 regional tribes, the college campus and political figures from the nearby State capitol.Afterwards they said “We set a new standard for entertainment in Indian country.”

September 2005, At Everett Community College, I led a 14 day workshop of native students and staff members to paint a large installation of felt panels to transform the commons room into a contemporary clan house. This was to welcome the dance groups, clan leaders from Alaska, and the college community for the dedication of a new Totemic sculpture installed on the campus grounds. We wrapped the whole room in regalia on an architectural scale.  

Also that year I was commissioned by the Longhouse at Evergreen State College to do painted table cloths for seating for 500 at the 10 year Anniversary Potlatch. The guests were dancing out in them as honoring gifts of regalia. 

 NW Native Women’s Leadership Conference (5 years in a row)

WECAN, Western Coalition of Alaska Natives cultural dinner and fundraiser event

Microsoft Native Cultural Event decor for a culturally rich backdrop for video.

November 2005 the Social Justice Fund held their annual Gala, featuring Elouise Cobell, keynote speaker. SJF commissioned painted tablecloths to represent native northwest. Some were gifted to donors and the keynote speaker, the rest were auctioned during the evening.  Return to Snake River series for an inter tribal repatriation Potlatch  ceremony.  Potlatch Fund Gala: whole room installation. 

1996-1998 Studio Sitka, proprietor of a downtown art gallery representing 28 local artists.

1994-1998 I served at Artist in Residence for Sheldon Jackson College in Sitka, Alaska, teaching the ceramics program with a native cultural emphasis. For my students I arranged art openings and exhibits in a local gallery. 

Public Art Installations 

 City of Redmond,  Arts in the Parks, mixed media bench 2003 Loveseat for Lovebirds.

King County Library in Redmond, Healing Bear Spirit”Triptych 2002

 City of Redmond, Arts in the Parks, “Spindle Whorl” 2002

Redmond Arts Awards 2004, commission of 5 large wall sculpture bowls 


1982  B. S. Interior Design from Florida International University   

1977  A. A., Sculpture from Miami Dade Community College

Prior to moving to the Northwest in 1986, I completed nearly 250,00 square feet of Commercial Interior Design installations in the Greater Miami, Florida and the Bahamas, working for Pavlow Furnitue and self employed as Innervision Design. 

References are available on request.

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